Simple PHP Library Management System

Posted on 6 Jan 2017, 04:18 PM by Martin Nzuki


Flexi Library Management System

A library management system can be used to maintain library resources records, track books issued out, sound notification alerts for overdue books, generate barcodes for new resources or even give out detailed reports on demand, among many things.

I’ve developed a simple web app that can achieve all that! I call it Flexi Library Management System. “Flexi” because it’s quite flexible, you can integrate other subsystems on it so that you have a complete school management system.

I actually used PHP for back-end, with a MySQL database, and a couple of libraries on the front-end. Of all the programming languages am good at, PHP actually remains to my favorite! Here are some of the features:

1. Easy to install

You only need to have a server running in your system (I recommend WAMP or XAMP for this one). Once MySQL and PHP services are running on the server, you’re good to go. No database installation, or configuration! How cool is that?

2. Flexible to integrate with other systems

I developed this web app sometimes April in the year 2016, it only took me like 2 weeks to compile the idea together. Later on, I managed to EASILY integrate it with a school accounts system and a stores system, to form one system.

3. Easy to manipulate the source code

I’ve managed to document most of the source code, but I don’t think any PHP developer out there can have issues trying to figure this one out since it uses the OOP approach. I have various classes to handle various tasks; like file management, notifications, user verification etc.

4. Security

If you’re running the app for the first time, you’ll be required to create an administrator account. Once logged in using the administrator account, you’ll be able to add more users to the system, and perform other administrative actions. In a nutshell, the system has two security clearance levels: Administrator and Normal User.

5. Generation of Barcodes

If you’re using a barcode system to identify books, you can generate unique barcodes for printing and mounting on books.

6. Analytics

This app is able to give you analysis of the various transactions done in the library in form of pie charts and bar graphs. Pretty awesome, huh?

7. Quick real-time search tool

From the home page, you just need to type a student name, or a book’s details, or even scan a barcode using a barcode scanner as an input device and you’ll see results without even clicking on some other link.

8. Advanced notifications

Change your password and or username, reset your password or even update your profile, and you’ll get notifications once you successfully log in. these notifications will be in form of messages that you can chose to mark as read or unread.

9. All user activity logs

All actions performed by users while they are still logged in are recorded somewhere, and only the administrator is able to modify them. So if you want to see what other users have been up to, it’s quite easy, and fun too J

10. Multi-user

This web app, just like all other web apps, can be accessed from different locations, locally or remotely. It all depends on your server and network configurations.

Well, if you’re looking for a simple library management system, you have one here. You can modify it for studying purposes or even sell it to a potential customer out there, all am asking for is that you give me some credits J

Oh, one more thing, you’ll need an activation key to use the system. Just input this key in the preferences page.



 Download (1,871 KB)


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