KMTC Manza Campus Student Portal

In July 2015, KMTC Manza Campus saw the need of enhancing e-learning in the college. A student portal was suggested by the lecturers that will assist them in teaching: Posting assignments to students, reviewing submitted assignments, posting lecture notes and course outline for students to read/download at their own convenience, posting examination results and generation of reports, and incorporating the college noticeboard to the portal amongst others. As of now, the college is able to achieve all these, and much more!

After consultations with the college administration, we begun the development process in coordination with the lecturers and some students. I began my preliminary design works, which were approved by the lecturers, and later on coded a prototype, which was pretty impressive! I went on to finalize the project and within three weeks, we had it online.

Ongoing students are now able to access the portal, after signing up for the first time, lecturers are now able to communicate to their respective classes and departmental heads are able to mange resources for their respective students. The administration is also able to communicate with the students through emails and small notifications through the portal.


“We needed a professional, user friendly website, that could meet our day to day needs with a view of reaching to our clientele and that is what we got from Martin, I'd recommend him to any learning institution, to help them achieve what we've achieved.”

— A. Nzyoka